Not Religion

It is Not Religion:

Religion is man’s search for God. There are many roads to religion but only one road to finding Christ and Christianity. This is the difference between Christianity and other “Religions”. Christ said: “I am the way the truth and the life; no man can come to the Father but by me.” That is pretty exclusive and certainly argumentative in today’s culture.

Religion is a word full of emptiness. Most people find that it means a cold dreary set of works and structures that one must follow to gain a state of grace with their chosen Deity.

“Misery”, “Chaos”, and the “Slime of Society” seem to be ever-increasingly in the News. People think that this world is in the control of the “Wicked One” and his power is shown around the world. How can we live a victorious life in these surroundings?

All mankind is under a death sentence and serves the enemy of God: the Devil. The Devil or Satan is a fallen angel who sowed discord among the heavenly beings. He took one third of them in rebellion and is at work on this earth with not only his extraordinary powers but also those of his fallen angels (demons and evil spirits.)

Every individual on the face of this earth is by nature and volition a sinner and astray from the perfection on God. Adam and Eve chose to disobey God in the Garden of Eden many thousands of years ago. We, as their progeny are by choice following in their path of disobedience. We are by nature sinners and by actions following the wrong master.

Sin builds a barrier between a just God and sinful man. The “wages of sin is death”.
Christ defeated all sin but we have to accept that free gift of salvation that He offers us. That is done when Jesus Christ convicts the individual of sin and waywardness. He offers this person eternal salvation from the power and penalty of sin through repentance and confession of sins. Sin is so prevalent because man is choosing to obey Satan. His aim is to rob, kill and destroy. Christ has come to give us life and that more abundantly. God could have made man a creature without a will and we would obey Him not because we love Him but because we were created without a will to disobey.

We want a life that is rewarding and peaceful. But, our rewards now are for the sinful life we are living. How can you find unity with your Creator? How can you find forgiveness for past sins and hope for tomorrow? How can we take ourselves out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of His Dear Son-Jesus Christ?

You will find that God works in an entirely different way than Satan.

How can man really know God? The answers come to those who diligently seek for Him. He comes to those who realize their need for Him. When we run out of our own answers and when the physicians and therapists can’t help us, God is able to change lives like no one else. “The Devil believes and trembles.” So, that is never enough. Many people who believe in God will end up in total destruction at the end.

The Spirit of God speaks to our spirit through conviction of our need for a Savior. We need “One” who can deliver us from ourselves. When we run out of our resources, He is there waiting for you to get to know Him. How can we be born of the spirit? How can that part of us which is now dead come to life. How can we figure out what life is all about?