Freedom from the Ties That Bind Us from Happiness, and Joy

1. Preparing for your own personal freedom encounter:

Prayer: “Dear Father God, I confess that I have disappointed you through willful and careless behavior. I have done and left undone many things. I want to be holy as you are holy.

I submit to your divine authority in my life by honestly naming those things in my life which have disappointed You. I am determined to follow you and what you desire my life to be. I accept by faith though I may feel no difference within myself instantly. I accept the price you paid on the mountain of Calvary.

Thank you, Lord for fulfilling your promises within me. I ask for your complete protection and leading in my life. I realize the angels of God encamp around them that fear (love, respect and obey) Him.

2. Step Two is Confession:

To help you in the confession step of your freedom adventure, follow these steps: (Confession means “homologeo” in Bible language which is defined as “speaking the same words as…”. So, what you are doing here is admitting your faults and disappointments to the Lord Jesus Christ as a step to forgiveness, cleansing and establishment as a true follower of God. In the Hebrew Bible, the word also means “to cast out”. I cannot stress how important this concept really is. Here we find that the evil residing in us through the things mentioned below, can be gone and we can be entirely free from bondage, fear and guilt.

3. Things that need to be rid of through spiritual battle:

Have you experimented with a Ouija board, spells, curses, occult games, séances, attempting to communicate with the dead, telepathy, mediums, channeling, trances, imaginary friends, spirit guides or fortune-telling, divining knowledge from a spirit entity, playing with Tarot cards, levitation, witchcraft-Wicca,

Use of illegal drugs (sorcery), palm reading or handwriting, satanic worship, hypnosis, projecting the self into a different setting, magic, use of crystals and charms, fetishes, sexual excesses and un-natural drives into sexual perversion, Cult group involvements, Yoga (not the exercise part),

Spirit or saint worship or communication with such,

Modern idol worship false gods like: money, sex, power, greed, extortion, Rock, Metallica, rap, video games, fantasizing, communication with the ungodly or remaining in fellowship with them when you know they are toxic, psychiatric tests, games, or listening to and adhering to false counsel. Listening to voices that give you negative instructions and guidance which is usually self-destructive and depressing in its messages.

4. Renouncing the past spiritual entities and influences which have controlled us. Some of these are very strong spiritual forces which have sought entry into your life and behavior. Your eternal destiny is at stake. Read and Understand!

Here, you speak out loud in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and “cast out” each individual item you gather from the list above and any others that the Lord Jesus may bring to mind. When you have reached out in faith and obedience through these steps, you will find a new freedom and inner peace that you had not known before.

What to Say: (Do these individually for each item separately. No shortcuts!

1. “I renounce and totally forsake and give up: ________________________________ and all the behavior that You have revealed to me as sinful and unpleasing to You, which I am guilty of by commission and omission

2. “Lord, Jesus Christ, I fully accept your forgiveness from the items above and ask your help to keep me from falling into these things again.

3. I will make restoration and restitution to any and all parties which might have been the victims of my behavior when under the control of the items above. I will repay any losses I may have caused.

4. I ask You, Jesus Christ to take full control of my life from this moment on and to fill me with your Holy Spirit knowing that your Holy Spirit will teach me and lead me into all truth. I pledge to read your Word in the Holy Bible and to pray often. I accept all this as a free gift knowing that you paid the death penalty for my sins. I accept that there is nothing I can do of myself to earn or deserve my place in your family. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

* We recommend “the steps to Freedom in Christ” by Neil Anderson, Gospel Light Publishers, and @1990