Welcome to this special site designed to help you move from the usual to the unusual; from the boring to the “exceptional”. Move from satisfaction with the majority’s lack of interest in anything, to a life of daily realistic challenges. Move to a life that brings excitement at the possibilities. Learn how to live above being “average” with no more going from crisis to crisis.

Consider some new directions. Evaluate new patterns from some very old resources. Let this be your guidebook which may just bring you to places you have never given much thought to before.

Leave the day to day coming home from work to sit in front of the T.V. in a coma induced by Madison Avenue to a life of movement where there had only been stagnation. Consider how much time is actually spent on all your technological devices. Here you will find challenges to be more than you ever thought possible.

You will find freedom from the snares and pitfalls that have caught you in their trap far too many times. Instead of being a victim, you can learn to overcome and exceed, moving on to higher ground. Let’s move on from the fake highs craftily designed by the enemy of your soul.

No longer do you need to feel like a victim. Now, with the lessons ahead of you, you will be a “mover and shaker”. You will be one who makes positive things happen. You will no longer have the victim mentality.