Whats next

How about church? God has but one church. That is the one He built. It is made up of all believers. Church is the people of God. Never does it mean a building anywhere in the Bible. The early church met in homes, in public places and along the riverside.

Find an assembly of believers that you can fellowship with. Beleivers need to help each other to walk in this new walk and live this new life. We are not meant to be “Lone Rangers”. The strength of the assembled saints of God will help you to grow.

“If we believe in our heart that God has raised Him from the dead and confess with our mouth; we shall be saved.” Share your new found faith with others. Read the Bible as often as you can. I suggest you start with the book of John because it is easier to understand than some of the other ones. As you read and keep in prayer contact with God, you will find that the old person is gone and you are becoming something new.
The old habits may die hard but you have the power within you to overcome. Bring everything to Jesus Christ. Reciting some prayer is not the most helpful. Put your thoughts into words. You don’t have to impress Him.

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