Fall has finally made it and school has just begun. I am reminded of a little song we all were taught in Kindergarten many years ago:

“September ‘s here and the air is cool,
​And we’re old enough and big enough
​To start in school.”

Isn’t that amazing that I can still remember this little song that we were taught about 60 years ago yet we forget other information all the time due to age-related memory loss or other issues going on.

I, personally, have joined a few more Facebook Groups and am trying to expand my usefulness through emails and this website. Because of my advancing age, my in-person sessions have been cut way down. But, looking back, I can see this last year has been a time of restoration and hope for an old man who thought last year that he was on the edge of death at many occasions.

More and more, I am impressed with the greater numbers of people who seem to face clinical depression, despair and suicidal intentions. The happenings in the world have overcome a system in man that just was not meant to take this much stress and pressure.

Many are adrift on troubled waves. The old support systems of extended families are gone. The supports of belonging to a fellowship of others who hold values and morals in common with you are also diminishing.

There are less and less resources to go around and those of us who would never have reached out for help, are now forced to in order to just survive.

Which brings me to a subject dear to my heart: what is the anchor for your times of grief and disappointment? Religion has been, through the ages, a system for mass killings of those who did not see eye to eye with someone else’s value systems.

I am pleased to tell you that we have a well integrated group of leaders on this website.
I am a Christian as is Sarah. Les is Jewish and Mykim is Buddist. During these times of increased stress and moral breakdown, it is good to get in touch with our own personal belief systems. Perhaps, you don’t have this relationship nor even friends to support you.

Too many of us are isolated from others. Families are disintegrating. Children are growing without proper parental guidance and mentoring. What will the next generation be? How will they find answers to their questioning? It seems that more and more, there is no support system whatsoever. People are isolated and lonely and often in a situation of sink or swim. Many do not make it. They self-harm or they take it one step further and just “check out”.

The prevalence of suicides in our world is becoming a big problem. Yes, to all society but even more so to each individual who decided that there was just no way to be a survivor in today’s world.

I urge you if you think that you are in that place where you feel there is no other option open to you but destroying your life and tragically affecting all those with whom your life touches. Please reach out.

Henry, Les, Mykim and Sarah are qualified helpers with peer issues but we are not trained suicide prevention counselors or certified therapists. There is a limit in what we can do. I urge anyone in crisis to call 1-800-273-TALK and talk over your situation with a trained counselor. See our list of resources on the website tab. We certainly do not want to lose even one member to suicide. Life is worth living and your momentary feelings to the contrary are only temporary but often ones you cannot fight without help.

It doesn’t mean that you have some moral weakness or that you are strange and different from all the rest of us. Most of us have faced similar issues but have come out on the other side victorious. It is our prayer that you too can find meaning and purpose to living. Contact us for peer issues. Contact the crisis lines for issues that a trained counselor is needed. We all want to help but sometimes we just don’t know the best things to do or say.

I can assure you that any person who comes to this site is here because you were meant to be here. There is something that we can offer you which you can’t get anyplace else.
We do love and care for our members. Tell your friends about this group, our Facebook pages and resources.


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