I read the messages of several of the groups that I am in. The people want to self harm. They want to die. They have no hope and see the world as hopeless.
I, too, would feel like that except that I have found Jesus Christ to be the anchor of my soul. I find that He gives me peace amid all this daily trash we hear and see. If it were not for Him, it scares me where I would be or what I would be doing.

I am sure it would be self-destructive just like all of these empty hurting people.
It overwhelms me just to hear your stories and knowing that I cannot change your mind-set. I know that my God is the answer to your needs but how do I convince you? How would you sit still long enough to hear….

You would think of “religions” and want no part of TV evangelists, Rich preachers and scam artists. You’re right. No one would want that. It is a fraud a counterfeit.
But, I do want to tell you there is hope. You will find Him when you get desperate enough, when you call out with your whole being for the reality that He is.
He is looking for you and near you and just being a gentleman who will not force himself on someone who does not want Him. So, the choice is really yours. Continue living in the cesspool of daily life, or change it. Yes, you can change your world and not have to bail out. Too many are choosing that path of self-harm or suicide.

It is a permanent solution that causes God such pain. It causes His people real pain because somehow we did not reach you with the truth in a way you could respond to. In the end, the choice is always yours. I hope you make the right choice.


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