These have been times of great transitions for me personally and for the group I founded one year ago. So much has happened and so many of you have checked out the site and found it good or bad depending on your opinions. We have not gotten many comments so sometimes it is hard for us to know how we are doing as a group.

The major change in the group is that we have decided to begin addressing the whole person in our approach to recovery and wholeness. So many times, the literature and messages have been aimed at “Feelings” and not on the spiritual part of man. Through approaching the subject of rightly relating to our Creator and His world we are hoping to find answers that others have not even considered discussing.

The personality of man is composed of Body, Soul and Spirit. A psychiatrist or psychologist might be termed a “soul doctor” because that is the realm in which they deal. The soul being: emotions, intellect and will.

Many people today have a real deficiency in their spirituality and that is the root of many of their dysfunctions. Spirituality is not a taboo subject for our new group. We are free to talk about how relationship to God and others. We are free to discuss the ways in which the Bible instructs us to live.

Religion is a dirty word for so many because of the images it pulls up in our minds. So, we will try to steer clear of religious organizations, sects or man-made organizations. What we can and should discuss is what is required of a spiritual man or woman.

We will not allow arguments or foolish discussions on opinions or doctrines that have puzzled the theologians for years. Let them continue their discussions. We seek truth in ways that we can realistically apply it to our daily lives.

How can “spirituality” keep us from being suicidal or wanting to self-harm? How can all this that we discuss boil down to practical living? This is what I hope we can discuss.

Please feel free to comment and to submit blogs or essays on spiritual truths. Although, websites cannot be Christian because only Christians can be Christian nevertheless the content on this group will be limited to Practical Christianity. No denominations, no sects, no organizations. We are just a group of brothers and sisters seeking more light and truth with each other on the spiritual path.


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