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Spring has come and to those of you who have had a hard winter, I wish you a pleasant rest of the season and a summer of fun, relaxation and recreation.

I have been aware that there are many of us who have invisible disabilities. Often, someone will say: “But, you look so good” while inside we are in great pain or misery due to a disability no one can see at first glance.

Be respectful of those who are suffering. Be willing to listen to their story. Everyone has a story and we can all learn so much if we will only truly listen. People with these conditions need to be able to talk about what they are going through with someone who is sympathetic if not empathetic.

It is not that we are “belly aching” we just need to be able to talk about it. Maybe, we can find some coping mechanisms that you have learned. Maybe, there is some cheer you might be able to share.

Most of us are living from day to day and paycheck to paycheck. There are many things going on in our world that can cause us alarm or even fear. It seems like ever since 911, we have become a nation of fear. Disasters, murders, rapes, breaches of trust are our daily news.

It is our intention that you find hope and recovery on these pages. That you find purpose and meaning in life. Our Pathways to Exceptional Living Workbook was made just to help us with these daily issues.

It was developed by me when I was visiting two locked wards on a weekly basis in Phoenix, Arizona, Veteran’s Administration Medical Center. These are all very basic character-building lessons. The can be taught in a class or you can download them and study on your own.

We are working on our organization in order to provide a list of those authorized to teach the courses found in our booklets:
• Group Facilitation Made Easy
• Life Recovery Coaching
• Pathways to Exceptional Living Workbook

If, after studying the courses, you feel you would like to be certified to teach them in your area, contact me for approvals. We are hoping to have many instructors around the world. You can have your own exclusive territory if that is your desire.

Pathways to Exceptional Living is still fairly new and evolving. The directions it takes will be due to the leadership and you the members. Tell us what you would like to see on this website. If you are already involved in a similar work, consider partnering with us. Ask me and we will consider adding your interests.

Welcome Jennifer MacDonald from Manitoba, Canada who has just joined us and will supervise all our work in Canada.

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I would be eager to talk about it with you about any comments or suggestions you might have.

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