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Here we are at the half way point of another year. Things have happened that we didn’t expect. New challenges came that we did not foresee. Nevertheless, we have come this far and we are ready for those new unexpected things that lie ahead. No one knows tomorrow and that is a good thing. We would worry more than we already do about things. “Future blindness” is a blessing. Keep faith that in the end, all things will turn our just as they should be in the larger scheme of things.

We live in a day of insecurity. Values and morals are changing fast and society is crumbling all around us. We live in a land of ever increasing fear. The challenge is for each of us to discover new friends and stand by those whom we have had all along that have sustained us during the hard times of life. Reach out and find those who will help you achieve your dreams. Avoid isolation and the tendency to think that everything is beyond hope. Hiding from life will not make it go away.

Hang onto hope for a future and develop your faith to new and higher levels. There are so many who need our help. Many are on the edge of destitution and homelessness.

First of all, we need to make sure our families are taken care of. Do you have a child, parent, sister or brother who is in financial crisis? Can you help them at all? Do they lack their basic needs? We are at a place today when “Needs” and “Wants” need to be clarified. There are some things that we think we need but really it is not essential to food, shelter and clothing. We have to weigh the two and make up our minds to meet our Needs first. Then, if we have money left, we can buy luxury items.

Because this is the richest country in the world (or so it seems) our value systems are faulty. Once our basic needs are met, we can look beyond to help our family members, close friends and even strangers.
Sometimes, the smallest things we can do can mean the difference between survival and destruction.

Many people are on the verge of giving up. Their life situations seem unsolvable. They don’t know where to turn. Let them turn to you. Be sensitive to their needs. Don’t make them beg you for help. Be vigilant to see those who are in need. Maybe, all you can do is to give an encouraging word, offer a meal or a listening ear. Money is not everything. Most of us do not have an over-abundance of that.

There are so many other things that we could do that would bring them a little courage. Be confident that your life will be manageable and that the answers will come in due time. Some of us are walking through rocky roads and situations that challenge our very existence. Never give up. Things do tend to get better in time. Don’t make rash decisions that have long term results. Never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help when things become unmanageable. There is a time to give and a time to receive. Be sensitive to those times in yourself and others.

It does not mean that we are weak if we need some help. It takes courage to fight on and to continue when things are so troubling. Never despair. Brighter days for you will come. Be confident of that one thing. No matter what happens, I am cared for and loved. Love will win out. When there is “no way” be assured that there is a way that will open to you.

Stand in your integrity. Never sacrifice what you know is right for something second best. Those who fix their mind on truth and love can never fail. We might not be a success in man’s eyes but that really doesn’t matter. If we hold to our integrity and moral code, we will be standing on sacred ground.


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  1. joyceott says:

    Stay as good as you are. Much love Henry. Your friend for life and beyond Joyce

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