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I am pleased to announce some changes for the better on the website. Mike Davenport in Phoenix does our web mastering for free and his latest improvements are welcome. I felt like we needed some more interesting backgrounds.


We have added a new calendar in which we will list regional and national events that may be of interest to our readers. Some programs offer scholarships and are well worthwhile. I have traveled coast to coast for some of these meetings and met leaders from all over the country. Now that I am not able to travel, it would be great for some of our members to be able to go for yourself and learn the newest and latest things.


I want to urge all of us to avoid isolation. We need each other more and more as the days get more difficult for us to handle alone. Join a support group in your area or if there is not one, go to our resources manual on “Group Facilitation Made Easy”. It is important just to get started and much of what you need to know will come with experience. The manual will keep you from falling into some of the pitfalls that so many well-intentioned but inexperienced people encounter.


As always, we are seeking partnerships with those of you who would like to share a guest blog or something useful with the others.


The group is open to everyone and membership is free. All of our materials are no cost to you and developed by experienced workers in the field.


We are always open to new suggestions for improving the site.


We are pleased to feature Mykim Tran and want to support her in her work as she builds a new business in the Sacramento, California area. Eventually, she will be branching off into her own but until then; her articles and advice are always exceptional. “Wake Up Communications” is the name of her organization.


Special thanks to Les Levenson who is my right hand man and is the force behind much of what we are able to do. Les is available online almost all the time and can help you problem-solve your situations. He is experienced and knows whereof he speaks. Matched with all of that is a very caring personality and exceptional listener and a positive attitude.


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We also started a new Facebook group: Finding Encouragement Here



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