January 2014

Wow, here it is a brand new year. It seems this last year flew by in some ways.
I hope it has been a good year for you. I am ready to see what new and wonderful things like ahead. Learn to thrive on challenges and not cave in.
Together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

Some of us have had about all we can handle to keep going. We have kept our sanity and even learned a few new tricks on survival and recovery. We have faced unprecedented financial and emotional pressures. But, we have survived.

We have had some miracles this year. An anonymous donor paid for five years of website service for the organization. I personally do not think I will be around that long but then we get surprises every now and then.

I have been honored and privileged to have Les Levenson as my business partner from the start. He is on the east and I am on the West but it works out fine. I have never met anyone that seems to be able to keep his cool and positive attitude as well as Les. We got acquainted several years ago when he called me for some advice on running his Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Chapter. I had been very active with DBSA at that time. The years have past by pretty fast, now, of course I am retired and no longer able to do my DBSA efforts. They have all been given to others.

One never knows what good he may have done during those years working as a consumer advocate and involved locally, regionally and nationally. Some will look back and love me and some will not remember me so kindly. But, that is life. We just try to do our best and only in the final day will we know how things turned out. Was all that effort worth it? Who can know?

There have been several mass murders this year and it always seems to come out that “they had a history of mental illness”. Of course we don’t need this kind of negative press. It tends to educate the publicly wrongly with the idea that we are all dangerous when in fact, those of us diagnosed with a “mental illness” are no more likely to harm as to be harmed. Nevertheless, the news is not good.

I have been watching the mood of states and federal legislation and it is going in the direction of the old medical model. Many think the way to go is to force more of us into inpatient settings. They tried that before and it didn’t work then nor will it work for a new set of politicians. I urge you to go to website: power2u.org. (Dr. Dan Fisher)

My friend, Dr. Dan Fisher, M.D., PhD. and also a peer happens to be the same age as I. He is still carrying on strongly. Dan and his confederates have put together a program called “Emotional C.P.R.” .

More peers need to come forward and fight for our human rights or we will end up with fewer and fewer while they incarcerate more and more of us. Without your getting involved, things will not go well for us over the next year or so.

I know for some of us, it is all we can do to just maintain. Life is often more than we can bear. But, somehow with the grace of God, we do not only survive but thrive. I ask each of you to take ownership of this website. Help us know what you would like to see us become. We want to offer help and resources to enable you and your families to achieve the most that is possible. Don’t measure yourself with anyone else. Some of us can do more and some less.

Help us show people that drugging is not the only answer to getting better. Let’s discover new ways and share them on this site. Diet, exercise, orthomolecular and other treatments have been found to help. While drugs mask the problems,
we need to find out how to do some behavior modification programs.

I have often said, all that I want to end up with is “that he did his very best/”
We ask for more input from each of you to help us promote spirituality and the power to overcome whatever life hands to us. We are able to face it with confidence and be more than conquerors.

Happy 2014


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  1. joyceott says:

    You honor what people live, A peaceful 2014 Your friend for life and beyond

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