Henry’s Blog for Summer Season

Henry’s Blog for Summer Season:


The past few months have been times of great trials, distress and testing of our personal and spiritual resolve. I wonder what your experiences have been. Members of this group are welcome to post messages regarding your own personal experiences. You may use this medium to share those perplexing problems that you may be facing; tools you have found helpful; and uplifting items of interest.


We have members spread throughout the globe from Java, Indonesia to the most modern cities we know. Of course, many of our experiences will be vast and varied yet much of the human race holds many things in common.


Enter a blog telling us about your location; what you do? How old are you? How could this group become more useful to you and your friend? The leadership here is eager to change and improve the website to make it into something that will meet your needs and open outlets of free and open communications.


The world is changing every day. Your country; your occupation, the common flow of life is changing so radically that our heads seem to keep spinning. Some of us need someone we can relate with. Perhaps you need or can give advice. Your views are important and may be voiced here.


On a personal note: As founder of the group, I can hardly believe the changes in what we had intended the group to be and as it is headed. I am looking for leadership who can work together and re-make the group. I just turned 70 years old and I seek younger blood, fresher concepts and a progressive vision. Full partnerships could be arranged. Anything is possible. What would you do if the group were yours?


Let us hear from you. We have never asked for money so that is not the purpose.

Contact us at: henry@pathways2living.org


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