March Blog:

Welcome to March from the founder and President.

There is much chaos in our country right now.  A time of turmoil, worries and uncertainty abounds.  Hopefully, you will not let these things distract you from the hope of a meaningful life ahead. All of these events are mere distractions and nothing will come up which will overwhelm you.  There is always a way through, around or over your situation.

We are hoping to add some new guest blogs as we get more settled into our new website.

New Affiliates and new “Pathways” will be added soon as we try to make this site helpful to more and more people.  Since we are a new organization, there will be course adjustments all along the way.  We are open to suggestions and comments.  Feel free to post.

Henry is busy moving into new areas of teaching and research on spiritual subjects and has a new Facebook group.  It is not affiliated with Pathways and is his personal medium for keeping  busy in retirement.  He turns 69 this month and continues to remain active despite many physical limitations.

Mykim is very active and has many useful postings for successful living and self-help.  Many of her articles have been published in the Examiner news.  Her new organization is really taking off and her career is expanding.

Mykim remains our contract agent to teach all the courses with manuals found elsewhere on the site.

Life Recovery Coaching, Group Facilitation Made Easy

and Pathways to Exceptional Living Workbook.

Les is our Vice-President and is branching out with “Creative First Steps” Facebook group.

Feel free to join him and participate in the discussions.  Use the quote marks when searching for the group on Facebook.

He has a chat forum now and is expanding so there are new and creative new ways to find support from the members of his group. His commitment to helping individuals with emotional and behavioral problems is extensive.  You can email or call him anytime.



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