December 2013

I am pleased and honored to introduce to you my newest business partner: Joel Kobren; .  I have known Joel for about 5 years and was my Vice-President while working on our several charters with Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (D.B.S.A.)
You can contact Joel at
He is a wise and intuitive co-worker who speaks his mind and is at the same time open to new ideas and listens weighing the merits of each idea.  He presently works in Apache Junction, AZ.  He is a peer counselor assisting all those with whom he is brought to. He also lives with bipolar as do I.
Joel’s articles on Suicide are provocative and challenge old entrenched ways of thinking.  Suicide is a very complex issue and there are many people working on bringing the numbers down.  The high rate of military suicides troubles us all.
His first article was written a few years ago and so he mentions the DSMIV which has no been replaced by the DSMV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health)  This is put together by the American Psychiatric Association as a means of revenue and status.  Every therapist uses this to standardize diagnoses.  The trend is for more and more diagnoses.  Madison Avenue and Big Pharma conspire to create new diseases and since they look at each one as a medical condition, the answer is usually more and more medications.
DSMV and the American Psychiatric Association have been under attack for their latest over-diagnosing.  Their credibility is also in question. But, this is the standardized manual when they give you a label or several.
As far as cures for any of these diagnoses, you will not find them offered.  The one and only treatment is pronounced as being chemical interventions.
Our site hopes to offer recovery for mental disorders.  People can and do get better and this is what we want to promote.  We also want to see more alternatives to drugging.
The whole person is what needs to be looked at and we hope to be able to offer alternative methods to make you feel better.
 We are not medical professionals so do not look at anything we say as being medical advice or treatment recommendations.

We are all peers.  All of us are struggling with some condition.  Some of us may have similar or the same diagnoses and we can share successful tools we have discovered on our own.


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