Many of us are having tough times lately and going through pressures that all peoples of the face of this earth have never been challenged with before.

The first thing to come to mind is to get out of the situation you may find yourself, when really these hard times can become learning experiences. No one enjoys suffering and so our first response is try very hard to find some way “out”.

Next time something major happens, decide to step back and ask yourself: “What can I learn from this situation?” If this problem continues, ask: “how can I develop a plan to deal with long term issues?

The secret of living more successfully is not screaming and yelling every time something comes up to disturb your peace. Plan ahead for what you would do if and when something comes up. How can I get through this not how I can get out.

Some pray that the storm will not come. Others pray that they might be able to find a way to help those effected by the storm.

When the storms of life come raging into your life, may you find a way through to the other side. Sometimes, you will not get sudden relief or answers to what is going on. Keeping the faith is not easy but it works.

You can prepare a crisis plan ahead of some needs. I carry in my wallet a “crisis list”. On it, is my name, address and phone number, the name of my primary care doctor and his contact information. One of the first questions they will ask you is “Do you have any insurance?” So, it is mandatory for you to put it down completely. What company and policy numbers.

I list my next of kin, that I have a durable power of attorney in force. All my medications are listed and any drug allergies. All current diagnoses are also listed. If I end up in the emergency room or in need of emergency care, everything they need will be readily available. It saves asking questions when time may be critical. If you are unconscious, how would they know how to treat you?

One other thing I put on my list. I have a “Do Not Resucitate” order. Although, I have spoken with EMT’s who tell me they do not honor that demand. Anyway, some states have special forms for the purpose. California calls it a POLST and it comes in flaming pink. They say to put this on your refrigerator door because EMT’s look there. By the way, I also have a copy of the paper from my wallet in a little sleeve held by a magnet to my refrigerator.

May you find stength to face everything that comes this month and beyond. Don’t let worry or anxiety pull you apart. Rest because you are prepared to go through anything.


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