Pathway to Exceptional Living

Welcome to those of you who are searching to find a life beyond the mediocre.  Maybe, you have discovered your life is far from exceptional and is just like too many others living with confusion, doubt and mild terror being overwhelmed with trying to live life with too many demands and too few dollars. For some of us the issue is survival just for one more day.  You have been looking for resources and friends but are treated like a non-person.   This group was created with you in mind.  Do any of these kinds of these challenge you?

1. I am unsatisfied with my present level of social involvement.
2. I isolate too much and find my interactions with others to be disagreeable
3. Often, I  feel that my life is out of control
4. I am finding it more difficult daily just to put up with my life as it is.
5. I often feel like I just can’t put up with it anymore.
6. I find myself discouraged and depressed and have even considered self-harm
7. I feel a spiritual vacuum within my heart.  Something is missing.


This group has radically changed for 2014.  We originally tried to provide tools and resources for those struggling with mental health issues.  But, the further we got into trying to help these people, the further we ran into problems that just didn’t make sense to us.


Society has suffered because of our kind of life: The child is born and almost immediately taken to nursery, day school, preschool and then thrown into the educational system having no care and nurture from their parents  These kids are often raised by an overworked, exhausted single parent.  Kids need parents. Two of them. But, no matter the reason, you are accepted here..  If you could talk to a teacher, I am sure you could get an ear full.  Children grow up like weeds, unattended and self-taught.  They are unprepared to live in society.  What they do learn is often based on positive or negative reinforcement of their current behavior.  Society teaches them and often that can be a tragedy.


We must ask ourselves, before the crisis comes, who am I going to turn to?  Many of us do not have close families.  The tendency is to isolate and so more and more electronic devices change our way of communicating or communication is non-existent.  We need a real  human person who is warm and alive.  Early society went to the debates and the subject was usually religion.  Some are still fighting.  Then, the church became the social network center in the 1950’s.  But, steadily, people are not finding what they need in the many entertainment centers that some churches have become.  Religion is scrambling to reach those that they have lost.  The feeling is that if they can make church more like the world that people will come on over.  So, now we have loud radical noise that passes for music.


What is it we really need in life beyond the basic survival needs?


To be loved unconditionally for who I am and not for what I can do for you
What is it we really need?  To be able to get rid of the guilt feelings
To be accountable to someone
To be able to get along with people better.
To be a more loving person….


We need to look for life and character/personality issues to a different source.  We have taken our broken lives and tried to patch them up from time to time with poor success.  What we really need is to find a whole new way of living.  Somehow, most of us seem to be on this kind of a quest. There is hope for an entirely new kind of life and it is so simple to find.


May we partner with you to find a life that is indeed “Exceptional”?  Let us discover together how to do this thing called life.  We can learn from each other and that is the best way. “People needing people” are more than just clever lyrics

Come grow with us.  Find new friends.  Discover answers for the questions you didn’t even know how to ask.  Welcome to the group.

Our New Mission Statement:

1. We will always try to help those living with life-controlling problems to become mentally sound and reasonably alert.

2. Through mutual communications with other members, we will help each other to be emotionally balanced and in control of our emotions.

3. Individually, we will attempt to become socially adjusted by avoiding isolationism and involving ourselves in the community of our choice.

4. Together, we will promote physical wellness by encouraging good care of
ourselves and finding better ways to maintain wellness through healthy living.

5. As a group, we desire to become spiritually alive: Living a life of spiritual
discovery and daily advancing towards spiritual maturity.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Amplified Bible (AMP)

17 Therefore if any person is [en-grafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spiritual condition] has passed away. Behold, the fresh and new has come!


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